I have found these websites to be encouraging and a great resource.


United Christian Broadcasters

United Christian Broadcasters is a leading Christian media charity that produces publications, radio and TV. It has been a great source of inspiration to me through its Word for Today daily readings, and also uplifting music on the radio.

Joyce Meyer Ministries

Joyce Meyer is a Christian bible teacher who provides down to earth encouragement. She shares openly about her life experiences and how the lessons she has learned can help others find hope and enjoy everyday life. I have been encouraged by her devotional readings, articles, books and TV shows on issues like mind, mouth, moods and attitudes.


Bible Gateway is one of my “go to” resources for online bible research and reference. It has helped me to explore different bible translations in order to get a richer and more meaningful understanding of topics and passages. There are also other resources like bible commentaries, bible reading plans, and devotionals.

Three Angels Broadcasting Network

Three Angels Broadcasting Network is a Christian TV and radio network that has provided me with an amazing opportunity to learn. It offers a range of programs including health, cooking, children and family, recovery programs, as well as inspirational themes from the bible.

Encouragement For Singles

Encouragement For Singles explores Issues that affect singles. It is a place to find inspirational bible verses, and articles that remind us that God cares about the challenges we are facing in life. A great encouragement.

Alliance of Independent Authors

Alliance of Independent Authors is an excellent resource for writers who may want to self-publish a book. It offers advice, education and an opportunity to support, connect and collaborate with others. It has enabled me to learn so much on my self-publishing journey.