“I will praise you for ever for what you have done, in your name I will hope, for your name is good.”

Psalm 52:9

The wise man Solomon said, “There is a time for everything” Ecclesiastes 3:1.  And I believe that there is time to look back in order to look forward.

When we look back with the purpose of finding lessons that we can learn from our past experiences, we are then able to carry those lessons with us into the present and future. This can enable us to make better choices in life.

Another important lesson we can learn from looking back, is to remember what God has done for us in the past to give us hope for the future.  I was telling a friend just the other day how wonderful God is. 

I was in London some time ago with my mum and she bumped into a friend of hers who told her about a sale that was going on in a particular shoe store, an unbelievable buy one get one free offer!!  How amazing is that!  We were very happy to go along and have a wander in the store, I was extremely pleased to find two pairs of shoes that I was able to buy.  My shoe size is a half size and it’s not easy to find shoes that fit, so to find two shoes for the price of one was fantastic!

We need to constantly recount the blessings that we have received from Our Father God.  We need to thank him for all the things he has done for us in the past, and remember that he is able to do even greater things for us in the future.  This is the hope, and foundation that we need to build our lives on.  God has shown us in the past that he is good to us, and as we go forward he will continue to be good to us in the future. Let us be encouraged.