When I recently reflected on my family history I realised that farming was one of the things that was very central to their life. My mother has a love for all things green, whether indoor or outdoor plants, flowers and definitely growing food at her allotment.

I decided that I wanted to have green fingers like my mum! Mum was very happy to share her knowledge. She provided the seed trays, compost, and seeds for me to choose from. I chose tomatoes, carrots, chard, and French beans. I was amazed at how different the seeds were, and some of them were extremely tiny I could barely pick up each one to place in the compost!

It was the month of March. I learnt that seeds need particular conditions to grow – water, light, warmth and soil or compost. Spring is a good time to plant seeds as it provides those conditions.
For a first timer I chose a couple of trays to plant each vegetable as I didn’t know the size of the crop it would produce. We would leave them indoors in a sunny place. I watered the trays and looked at my handiwork. It was the beginning of my new adventure in farming!

However as a new farmer I became preoccupied with other things, like work, home and family responsibilities and forgot that the seeds needed water regularly. The poor seeds were often neglected, had it not been for my ever loving veteran farmer mum, I’m sure they would’ve dried out and died.
Thankfully over time they began to sprout, just small shoots but at least there was signs of life, for some. I don’t know why but some of the beans did not germinate at all though we had watered them. Mum said that maybe they had been given too much water or maybe the seed was poor.

In life we can learn a lot from the humble seed.
1. Preparation is key. Before planting the seed you have to make preparation. In a similar way it’s important to have a plan in life and think through what you want to do, this will ensure you are better prepared to acquire the correct tools, skills and environment to do the job successfully.
2. Timing is important. The seeds needed to be planted in the spring time and have regular water to grow. Therefore know the best time to take action. Consistency reaps rewards, commitment will achieve goals.
3. Mentoring helps. My mum was able to provide guidance and support on this journey into farming. We can all benefit from the help and support of someone who has experience in what we want to achieve. It takes humility to listen and learn and it’s the best way to become wise.
4. God’s Word is like a seed planted in our hearts, it will grow if we take the time to talk to God, listen to what He’s saying when we read and then apply what we learn. He is our wise mentor and guide, to help us navigate this life. We will reap success if we are humble enough to follow His advice.

I would encourage you to give gardening a try, it’s an amazing experience to grow plants and food produce. Quite therapeutic and great exercise!

I will tell you more about my farming adventure next time.
Happy planting!