I would highly recommend this Conference as a great opportunity for black women in the UK to come together. It aims to be an educational and inspiring event. I look forward to seeing you there!

Dr Val Bernard Allan Presents:
Drawing Moses From The Water – Sunday 20th May 2018

“Time has revealed to us that there are unique, sometimes mysterious challenges inhibiting black women living in abundance. It is the purpose of this event series to bring black women in the UK together and to encourage confidence, change and growth in our careers and relationships.

The first event on the 20th of May looks at the phenomena close to the hearts of many black women and that is the topic of black female singleness.
Sisters Conf 2018 will investigate the sociological and spiritual causes behind our unique brand of singleness before demonstrating insights and solutions to tackling the global phenomena.

The event is for all black women, not just single women, and its purpose is to encourage a collective understanding of our unique issues and to spread the growing wisdom on how we can collectively solve our problems, united as a group.”

For more info and ticket booking visit: www.SistersConversations.com

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About Dr Val Bernard Allan

Dr Val Bernard-Allan is a motivational sociologist working to enable participants to find their significance

Val delivers inspirational presentations through her brand of motivational sociology. She utilises her leadership experiences and sociological insights to help other leaders see a better way. She enthuses her audiences to take a fresh and critical look at how to achieve significance.

Dr Val Bernard-Allan is a lecturer in sociology and founder of the Cooperative Centre for Sociological Conversations. Her educationally entertaining seminars leaves her audiences challenged, more informed and purposeful.